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Shaanxi Hengrun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is an innovative and leading high-tech agrochemical company officially designated by the state in 2006. Since its establishment, our company has been adhering to the company philosophy: scientific innovation, integrity management, and fully committed to the domestic new fungicides research and innovation work. Our company grasps and has the production process and the synthesis path such as Flusilazole, Cyprodinil, Fenhexamid, Spiroxamine, Fludioxonil, and more than a dozen compounds. The products are supplied to the domestic market, at the same time, exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. It won a good reputation for the long-term stable development of enterprises.

In the process of development, our company has won the market and achieved a reputation with reliable product quality and the perfect service. It will devote to providing reliable agricultural products for the agricultural market, to providing professional crop plant protection programs for farmers, and to solving the environmental programs of the company and its products unswervingly!

The customer's development is Hengrun's success!

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